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What is a sustainable destination?

Sustainable destinations are the places that decided to join Efimeron’s mission and start taking action for a green and sustainable transition. These destinations are suggested by Efimeron as a virtuous example of sustainable development by showing their engagement in the preservation and restoration of natural ecosystems and in adopting climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. Here you can find some more detailed information about the cultural and historical heritage, spots to visit, suggested activities, and local tips for each destination. Take a look and get inspired for your next journey!

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Discover Agistri, the green lung of the Saronic Gulf!


At less than one hour from the busy Athens, Agistri preserves its natural landscape unspoiled from mass tourism. Find out the reasons behind Agistri’s nomination as a sustainable destination and start planning your visit!


Download our brochure: Agistri 


Did you know that Puglia has mountains as well? 

Actually, this beautiful southern Italian region is mostly known for its breathtaking beaches and the suggestive villages scattered across the vast Tavoliere delle Puglie. In reality, Puglia hosts amazing mountainous landscapes too, due to the Daunia Mounts (Monti della Daunia), a small group of mountains on the eastern border of the so-called “Appennino Campano”, that dominates the valley in the north of the region. At the foot of Cornacchia Mount, the municipality of Biccari serves as a positive example of citizens-driven sustainable destination building thanks to the initiatives supported by the local community and in particular thanks to the work of the “Biccari community cooperative” with its bubble-rooms project! 


In the remote North of the Aegean Sea, where the Meltemi blows toward the southern islands, Ikaria stands out of the wavy waters and welcomes travelers to visit its mystic land where people believe the secret of longevity is preserved. 


Taking its name from the legend of Icarus, the most famous resident of the island, Ikaria with its surf spots, the traditional panigiri festivals, and its mindful philosophy, attracts today thousands of visitors from around the world. 


Discover why we chose Ikaria as one of our sustainable destinations!



Inspiring the epic poems of Homer, Ithaca stands out among the other islands of the Ionian side, preserving its natural beauty and simplicity from the unpleasant artificiality that mass tourism attaches to those designated as preferred destinations. 

In Ithaca, you are still in time to enjoy an authentic experience of Greek island life. Besides the touristic attractiveness of this place, it was nice discovering the activism of the local community against unsustainable choices for the energy supply of the island, but also projects like “Agriculturalism” in town and spread care for the localization of the production aiming at leveraging local assets and capabilities through a close cooperative network at zero-kilometers.