With an altitude that reaches 1152 mt, Cornacchia Mount enjoys the highest peak of the Daunia’s chain. From the top of the mountain and along the various paths specially designed to offer the most optimal experience to the many excursionists visiting this place every year, you can easily admire the Earth’s curvature, since you walk at the level of the clouds! 


In total, the “Subappenino Dauno” hosts 5 mounts: the first in altitude is Monte Cornacchia, followed by Monte Saraceno (1.145 mt),Monte Crispignano (1.105 mt), Toppo Pescara (1078 mt) and Monte Sidone (1061 mt). Nestled among these imposing rock masses, the Municipality of Biccari stands out for a peculiar project developed by the local “Cooperativa di Comunità Biccari”, which implemented the concept of a sustainable tourism that doesn’t need to build or intervene incisively in the natural and local environment, to develop. By placing pop-up bubble houses in the forest, the cooperative offers its guests an experience of full immersion in the quietness of mother nature, making use of an innovative housing structure designed in Belgium by a group of architects that wanted to rethink the concept of lodging in nature. 


If you are dreaming of spending the night under the starry sky, these bubbles are the perfect solution for you! 


The structure is located less than 900 mt from Pescara Lake, so after a delicious Italian breakfast provided by the cooperative staff, you will be ready to start your adventure toward the peaks of the Dauni Mounts. Beginning the path at an altitude of 800 mt, you will reach the shelter at a highness of little more than 1100 meters, crossing torrents, hidden waterfalls, and horse ranches. Let yourself be surprised by the contagious enthusiasm of the inhabitants of Puglia’s rooftop (il tetto della Puglia), and discover all the activities designed specifically for adventurers like you! Rent a bike to challenge your skills off-road or join the local guides in illuminating tours to discover the artistic and historical heritage of Biccari’s old town. Of course, don’t forget to pick up your picnic basket from the kiosk before start walking. There is no better place to taste the Italian culinary delicatessen than on the edge of the mountain, tired but satisfied with such an incredible experience!


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